December 19, 2013 Last Updated 7:54 am

Publishing previews, previewers and viewer apps updated

The NYT and CBC News update iOS apps as Apple continues to clear out updates ahead of the holiday break

The flood of updates continues with a series of app updates from digital publishing platforms and others aligned with the industry. has updated its previewer app which is for the iPhone only. Also updated is Picsean Media’s Publishing ++ universal app which says contains free sample pages, though actually requires an in-app purchase. Check out the reviews of this app: they are suspicious, to say the least.

If you need to track the App Store rankings, apps fire’s Appstatics does the trick. The new update adds in Top Grossing rankings. I don’t personally use the app because I am more interested in what is new, something that Apple makes it hard to discover – which is probably why apps can’t track this either. But this handy app can help you glance at the various national stores in a hurry, something I find occasionally useful.

CameraPlus-iconAs far as photo tools are concerned, one of the most popular is Camera+, which has been in the App Store for quite a while now. Apple, as other manufacturers do, updates the capabilities of its camera app, so third party developers need to stay one step ahead. tap tap tap, the developer of Camera+ has done a pretty good job of doing just that.

The latest update adds in a lot of new features such as “Clarity Pro” and tinting and others that you won’t find in the standard mobile camera app. The app is $1.99 if you have never downloaded it.

Of the mobile news apps, the biggest one of all, the NYT’s iPhone app, NYTimes, has received an update that adds in some font controls, and an “enhanced Top Stories section.”

The CBC News app, which is universal, has been updated to version 2.1.1 to add menu improvements to the iPad version, and changes to the way audio newscasts play. You might notice that the CBC is using a picture of Rob Ford, Toronto’s famous or infamous major, as one of its screenshots.

Finally, Circa News has issued a version 2.1 update involving sharing content and bug fixes. I’m not a big fan of news aggregation apps as I tend to go to the sources directly but there is no questioning the popularity of the genre, and Circa News in particular. Since its release the app has received overwhelmingly positive user reviews, and the update seems to be positively seen, as well.

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