December 16, 2013 Last Updated 7:24 am

NYT raises home delivery rates, paper wants to expand reach; Canadian digital newsstands

Weekend news round-up:

This is the last full week before the Christmas and New Year’s holiday kicks in and pretty much shuts things down. Apple has already warned app developers and holders of paid iBooks accounts that iTunes Connect will be shutdown starting on December 21 – from that day until the 27th no new submissions will be accepted, though sales reporting will continue.


AdAge: The New York Times raises its home delivery subscription rates 5.6 percent for the New Year. (Not unexpected as papers have continually stuck it to home delivery customers to 1) drive digital; and 2) deal with high distribution costs)

Marin Independent Journal: San Quentin’s inmate-run newspaper seeks to expand its circulation to all state prisons (lesson to be learned: go after growing, captive audiences)


Calgary Herald: Review of digital newsstands for magazines (Which newsstand do they mention first? Yep, the BlackBerry newsstand)

Deleware Online: Digital magazines a hit at Sussex libraries (Yet another library adds digital titles through Zinio’s library program)

Gigaom: The tablet magazine ship is sinking. Fast. (It should be pointed out that the web-based tech sites have never been been fans of the tablet format as they are simply the digital equivalent of print going against another platform)

Book Publishing:

Vellum-lgTechCrunch: Pixar veterans launch Vellum, an app To help authors craft pixel perfect eBooks (Not in the Mac App Store, only online. Prices start at $50 for one book – ouch)

GoodEReader: Turkey enacts law to lower VAT on eBooks

Other News:

NYT: Peter O’Toole, star of ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ is dead at 81

LA Times: Peter O’Toole’s personality was big enough to fit his roles

TechCrunch: Yahoo makes its iOS weather app iPad-friendly, to the everlasting joy of those who miss a native one

Wired: BT iOS app automatically connects broadband users to Wi-Fi spots nationwide

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