December 16, 2013 Last Updated 3:14 pm

New B2B tablet editions: Advanstar’s unique digital edition for Ophthalmology Times

Today’s Veterinary Practice and DDH Das Dachdecker-Handwerk apps deliver replica editions

The B2B magazine company Advanstar Communications has over 30 apps inside the Apple App Store, but until the release its app for Contemporary OB/GYN, all were stand-alone apps, avoiding the Newsstand. Ophthalmology Times is, therefore, the second Newsstand app to be released, and it is a unique native tablet edition that appears to be using Mag+ to create its app and digital editions.

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The animation above gives a clue as to what makes this digital edition quite different. The publishing team uses the cover as a table of contents – and then some. It’s the “cover” that is used for everything but the stories themselves, something I have not seen before. As a result, the digital edition violates the somewhat standard practice of scrolling within a story and swiping to reach the next story – all the navigation is done through the front cover or the navigation menu.

Like many B2Bs, Advanstar has decided to let readers download and access the issues free of charge, and without the need to already be pre-qualified. Ophthalmology Times has a BPA audit of 21,518 of which a bit over 3,400 are on the audit as digital. Any new readership derived from the Newsstand app would either have to be claimed as unqualified, or not mentioned at all – or at least I would assume as much.

Rudolf Müller Medienholding has released a rather odd Newsstand app for DDH DAS DACHDECKER-HANDWERK. The app itself sports an icon designed in landscape, yet the digital editions, which are replicas, look to be in portrait. Unlike Advanstar’s new app, this one will be charging for access: 15,99 € for individual issues or 229,99 € for a 23 issue annual subscription.

TVP-iPad-lgThe Newsstand app for Today’s Veterinary Practice comes from VetMed Communications, Inc. but appears under the developer account name of Nick Paolo, who is the publisher.

The app opens up right to the one issue inside. One assumes that subsequent issues will force the creation of a library. The app features are seen at the top of the screen and bump up against the cell data and charging information that show through a bit. Like most replicas, the reader needs to use pinch-to-zoom in order to get the contents large enough to read, making for a rather unpleasant reading experience.

Today’s Veterinary Practice is a BPA-audited trade journal with a circulation of just over 60,000. But like the app from Advanstar, the publisher has decided to offer the app and its issues free of charge.

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