December 12, 2013 Last Updated 10:38 am

Google Maps adds in Gmail support for flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations

The assumption is that software will get better over time and that it will add new features. Sadly, as with iOS 7 and solutions from Microsoft, we have begun to expect that along with the app bloat we may not see less features with new software, not more.

GoogleMaps-signin-lgGoogle probably sees an opening. Their updates are loading in new features such as this one for the iOS version of Google Maps. It does the logical thing in adding in Gmail support for reservations for flights, hotels and restaurants.

it is very odd that Apple did not include this with its first iteration of maps as the Apple ecosystem has always claimed that it ties everything together into one device.

Thinking about this from a publisher’s angle, I’m wondering it there is a potential advertising tie-in here. If Google Maps shows reservations from Gmail would it not be possible to use the combination of Gmail and maps in some promotional way? For instance, if someone signs up to receive coupons from a store, could they not be seen as a reservation on Maps when communicated to Maps via Gmail?

The promise of mobile for newspapers, in particular, has always been the possibility of recapturing local advertising through geolocation advertising. But newspaper mobile efforts have been led exclusively by the editorial teams, with the ad department often locked out of the room. Maps and local advertising go together, the trick in the method of making it all happen.

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