December 12, 2013 Last Updated 9:01 am

CustomMade Media Australia launches custom publishing mag into the Apple Newsstand

Better Pictures, created for Camera House, is a native tablet edition of the print custom publishing project

The Sydney-based custom publishing firm CustomMade Media Australia has launched a tablet edition for its client Camera House. Better Pictures is on its 14th issue in print, but its first digital edition can now be found inside the Apple Newsstand.

BetterPictures-cover-lgAs you would assume with any branded magazine, both the app and its contents are free to download and access. The app allows for downloading single issues or subscriptions.

CustomMade Media has been using the Oomph platform, and this new app is no exception. The results are a native tablet edition, with reformatted editorial pages, while the ad are as seen in print (but with embedded links).

I have to admit to being more than a little jealous of the fact that the first digital issue inside the app opens with Cec Busby, the editor, exclaiming that “summer is here” – it’s below freezing here in Chicago, I’ll have you know.

Like the other CustomMade Media app I’ve looked at, Infocus Australasia, this one is very well done. But this time, because there is a print version that is available to read on Camera House’s website, one can compare the two versions.

What one sees immediately is that what works in print doesn’t not necessarily work as an online digital edition. Because of this, the new tablet edition looks so much more open and elegant compared to the print version rendered for the web. This is clearly seen in the table of contents which can extend the tablet page by scrolling in order to avoid having to cram in all the information onto one page.


There is another huge difference between print and digital editions: the new tablet edition makes it quite clear that you can not only see the camera models, but buy them, as well. Buy Now buttons are everywhere which take you to the Camera House website where you can make your holiday gift buying decision right now. To help the reader out, there are embedded videos and slideshows that give far more information than any print magazine can afford to do.

The new Newsstand edition of Better Pictures shows the potential of tablet editions very well. Unlike some categories such as music and cooking, the photography category has been leading the way with excellent tablet magazines. Better Pictures joins the British Journal of Photography from Apptitude Media and Photography Week from Future (among others) as digital editions that offer readers a look into the future of digital magazines.