December 11, 2013 Last Updated 2:32 pm

NRi Digital launches two trade industry magazine apps into the Apple Newsstand

MINE Magazine and Inside Drinks Magazine go from online to inside the App Store

The B2B magazine business is beginning to produce some pretty interesting tablet editions. NRiDigital has released two new digital magazines into the Apple Newsstand: MINE Magazine and Inside Drinks Magazine – both released within the last week.

NRiDigital has a whole portfolio of digital magazines that are available online through ZMags, but these are the first two to be found in app form in the Newsstand.
[edge_animation id=”16″]
The format for the magazines appears the same for all of the B2B titles: the magazines are designed in landscape and are perfect for an iPad. But the online magazines are very much like PowerPoint presentations (or Keynote, if you prefer0 in that they animate the headlines and some of the copy, bringing them in from the side. But otherwise, the pages are static.

But as you can see with the HTML5 animation above, the new apps can use pages that are designed beyond the page, so to speak. This infographic-like story has to be the longest example of such a scrolling story I’ve ever seen. In fact, it is so long that my iPad crashed several times while trying to view it (I was using my 3rd generation iPad, it might not have crashed had I been using my new iPad mini which has more memory). Believe it or not, the animation above is only a part of the total length of that story!

These new digital editions are replicated online, as well. What is different, then, between the older digital magazines and the new ones is the platform used. The new Newsstand apps, and their online viewer, is using Adobe DPS and its content viewer solution. The design stays the same, basically, but the solution changes.

InsideDrinks-iPad-coverMINE Magazine is monthly, while Inside Drinks is quarterly. Both require the reader to pay for individual issues (£2.99 / $4.99) or pay for an annual subscription (£29.99 for MINE and £9.99 for Inside Drinks).

At this risk of beating our own drum, I think comparing these magazines to our own B2B experiment, Tablet Publishing, is interesting. The difference is very much based on the preferences of the designer. Konstantinos Antonopoulos, who was the designer for Tablet Publishing, loves thinner fonts and is a genius at creating interactive graphics.

Here, with the NRi Digital apps, the design is a little more traditional in its choices of fonts and page layouts. But in both cases, the designers have opted for landscape layouts (better both for online and tablets) and have used the choices that worked best for the end product. The NRi Digital digital editions also deal with introducing ad pages to their digital magazines, something we did not deal with on Tablet Publishing.

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