December 11, 2013 Last Updated 7:35 am

iBooks Author: a few odd fonts still prove difficult; Apple issues iTunes Connect holiday schedule

The Apple support boards has interesting discussion concerning embedded font problems

If you recall, Apple issued an update to iBooks Author a day after launching OS X Mavericks and the new iPad models. iBooks Author 2.1 was a minor update that didn’t add much except the ability to preview your new eBooks on a Mac, as Apple had introduced iBooks to the Mac as part of Mavericks.

But iBooks Author 2.1 had a problem: the update had launched without the ability to embed custom fonts, something that Apple had introduced with its first update to the program. A week later, another update, 2.1.1 solved the issue.

Or so everyone thought.

A commenter on the Apple support boards has found that there are still a few fonts that won’t embed. It is clearly not a major issue, but for those in love with certain fonts it can be an issue.

Random OTFs and TTFs are the issue. At first commenters were not supporting the original claim of an issue and they were not able to duplicate the problem, but after a few days it was confirmed that a few fonts are misbehaving.

I doubt that this is a big enough issue to warrant an update of iBooks Author, but if you experience the issue with a stray font, know you are not alone.

Most designers don’t see the problem initially because they need to build the eBook on their Mac and any font they use would be obviously already installed on that device. So a preview on a Mac will not reveal the issue. This is why it is vital that designers not take a short cut and only preview their books on their Macs.

Apple has sent paid book account holders an email letting them know that that iTunes Connect will be unavailable from Saturday, December 21 to Friday, December 27, 2013.

“During this time, iTunes Connect will not be accessible and you will not be able to submit any books using iTunes Producer. Sales and Trends reports via the Autoingestion tool will be available but may be delayed,” the email states.

“Also, you should not schedule any pricing changes or books to go live between those dates. Pricing changes scheduled to take effect in that date range will cause your books to become unavailable for purchase until after December 27. Similarly, books scheduled to go live during that range will not be released until after December 27.”

Apple’s book team is also falling behind in reviewing and releasing new eBooks. TNM Digital Media has a new eBook release that was scheduled to publish on the 16th of this month. The books was submitted on the 3rd and still has not be reviewed for release. As a result the publication date has been pushed back into the New Year. Of the two previous books released, none took longer than 24 hours to be released for the iBooks Store. A call to Apple’s iTunes Connect team only resulted in the explanation that they are backed up. I’d say so.

Update: Apple has sent the same holiday schedule to holders of app developer accounts informing them of the same restrictions on app submissions from the 21st to the 27th.

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