December 10, 2013 Last Updated 3:31 pm

30DC launches its own investor relations magazine into the Apple Newsstand

Company is behind the MagCast digital publishing platform and uses that solution for its own digital publication

Press Release:

NEW YORK, NY – December 9, 2013 — 30DC, Inc., a provider of tools for the monetization of digital content, today announced that its MagCast App “30DC Investor Relations Magazine” is available for download and subscription on Apple Newsstand. The Magazine features information about 30DC’s products and services, corporate and investor relations information, as well as contributions from a variety of experts regarding important topics that affect digital self-publishing. Examples of prominent topics to be covered regularly are mobile computing trends and self-publishing industry success stories.

seo_cw_productThe App demonstrates a real world example of how MagCast can be used by self publishers, and online entrepreneurs, interested in developing digital magazines and selling digital products.

In creating its digital magazine App, the company is utilizing its own self publishing tools to target a broad audience including current shareholders, potential investors, content creators and content consumers who understand the power of digital publishing. 30DC Investor Relations Magazine is a free publication available on Apple Newsstand by subscription only.

30DC’s MagCast publishing platform offers an apps development and maintenance tool for publishers seeking to circulate content on a single issue or subscription basis. MagCast utilizes Apple’s marketplace for digital media and Apple Newsstand as the customer interface, which provides electronic distribution and collects revenue. Apple recently announced that that they had surpassed 700 million iOS customers, that 60 billion Apps had been downloaded since the Apps store was founded in 2008 and that over $13 billion has been paid out to Apps developers.

Economists are pointing to a long-term shift towards digital commerce as people are increasingly become more comfortable with mobile devices. The average time US adults will spend consuming digital media will exceed the same amount of applied time they will spend watching TV, according to a recent study by

30DC management believes that demand for digital products will increase significantly as this practice becomes increasingly more mainstream, and the Company is inviting investors, self publishers, and digital entrepreneurs of all types – or anyone else looking to capitalize on important secular trends of self publishing on mobile devices – to download and subscribe to 30DC Investor Relations Magazine: