December 9, 2013 Last Updated 7:43 am

With App Store still broken, Apple remains mum as to reasons, possible fix or redesign

Morning Brief: EXD MAG moves into Newsstand, Boston Common Press updates magazine apps

The Apple App Store remains a broken mess this morning, a week following the first signs of the meltdown. The problem remains that subcategory searches pull up blank pages, or in some cases, pages with only a couple apps or books. The carousel at the top, which usually shows apps or books being promoted, is also broke.

(At right is what one sees when a search within the Newsstand is made for publications under “Entertainment.)

Newsstand-entertainment-screenMeanwhile, developers and app buyers have begun to post comments on Apple’s App Store Facebook page. “App Store is broken and has been for days. Get on this and please fix,” one commenter wrote. Another gets to the point: “Apple can you please fix the App Store so that my apps can make some downloads? Aren’t you concerned that you’re losing revenue!!!! FIX THE STORE”

Apple did not return phone calls asking for an explanation, and few other media outlets have bothered to cover the story. It’s possible that this is the future of the App Store, like it or not.

Meanwhile, a few app updates have been issued: EXD MAG, one of the three new apps recently released that are using Origami Engine’s platform has moved from a stand-alone app into the Apple Newsstand. EXD is a digital publication providing coverage of the EXD’13 Biennale, an experimental design event.

Also updated were the two apps from Boston Common Press: Cook’s Country Magazine and Cook’s Illustrated. Both Newsstand apps were updated to bring their code up to date.

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