December 9, 2013 Last Updated 12:31 pm

iPad User Magazine app updated, still not designed for the iPad

Big app updates for Pandora, Kobo Books and Bing for iPad

The apps from Future plc are among some of the best digital magazines available. But some of their digital magazine app decisions are decidedly head scratchers. As an example, until the recent update, the app for Mac|Life has been a replica edition – the update turned it into a definite buy.

iPaduser-spread-lgAnother example would have to be iPad User Magazine. One would think that a digital magazine about the iPad would be designed for the iPad. No, not so. (Maybe the editors and art directors who work on the magazine only have Kindles?)

One can be somewhat sympathetic to Future’s plight: with 199 apps for the iPad inside the Apple App Store, building native editions for every title might be too great a task. But of all the titles to give the iPad edition the short end of the stick, wouldn’t you think a magazine about the iPad might be considered a likely candidate for a native iPad edition?

In any case, the Newsstand app has received an update today which adds an “inbox” for content, and a new library design.

Another app that has received an update today is the iOS app for Pandora. Back in August the app was updated to add in a sleep timer, where the user could set 15, 30 or 60 minutes for the app to play before turning off.

Today the app adds in the logical next feature: a new alarm clock which allows the user to wake-up to the Pandora app playing. I happen to own a Bose iPhone dock which allows me to play Pandora through the system. This will be perfect for those times when I need to set my alarm (which now-a-days, isn’t actually all that often).

The app even comes with a snooze button.

Kobo Inc. has updated its Kobo Books app, adding a new search feature that helps readers find passages in the digital book they are reading.

Finally, Microsoft has issued an update for Bing for iPad, which brings in adjustments for iOS 7 – better late than never. The app also lets thou save the daily image as a wallpaper, as well as social media sharing (really? Microsoft has discovered Facebook and Twitter?).

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