December 5, 2013 Last Updated 12:44 pm

Innovation Act bill passes House, Senate promises to act on bill before year’s end

Bill, aimed at patent trolls, is supported by the White House and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), opposed by patent lawyers, pharmaceutical industry and others

The Innovation Act, aimed at curbing patent troll lawsuits, passed the House today 323-89 and moves on to the Senate, which is expected to act on the bill by year’s end.

The White House has come out strongly in favor of the bill, and the chances for passage look good. The bill, H.R. 3309, makes those filing patent cases be more specific as to how a patent has been infringed, makes more transparent the ownership of the patent, and makes plaintiffs who lose in court pay the defendant’s legal fees.

“Today’s vote makes clear that policymakers understand that patent trolls impose an unacceptable tax on innovation and that their conduct, which often amounts to little more than run-of-the mill extortion, must be stopped,” the EFF said today online.

PhRMA came out against the bill telling Congress that the bill “may impose substantial burdens on the ability to enforce legitimate patents effectively and efficiently.”

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