December 5, 2013 Last Updated 11:37 am

Distimo app store report finds Google Play revenue share growing at Apple’s expense

The latest Distimo report on app store revenue share continues to show Google Play growing in its revenue share. According to Distimo’s look at the app stores in 34 countries, Google Play has ncreased its revenue share by 7 percentage points since June.

“The revenue share of the Apple App Store decreased over the last six months from 70 percent in June to 63 percent in November,” Distimo said today. “Apple is therefore still leading with the larger revenue share, but Google Play accounts now for 37 percent. The general market growth slowed down a bit during November, but we are looking forward to analyze the continued development during the upcoming holidays.”


The top Newsstand apps in the US, according to Distimo, remain the large publishing titles of the WSJ, Cosmopolitan, HGTV Magazine and The New York Times. Google’s News & Magazine category is led by the CNN App for Android Phones, Flipboard, Pocket and Fox News. In the UK, BBC News, Sky News and Daily Mail Online lead the same category in Google Play. While Metro Phone Edition London Evening Standard Digital Edition, and Nuts Magazine lead in the Apple Newsstand.

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