December 4, 2013 Last Updated 7:53 am

The Apple Newsstand categories remain shutdown

Search of categories shows empty pages without magazine and newspaper apps

The Apple Newsstand has been partially offline for much of the afternoon today, with select categories showing no apps.

Apple-Newsstand-bugThe outage is not in all categories, but it is occurring for both the iPhone and iPad, and can be seen on both the desktop version of iTunes and within the Newsstand stores on devices.

The main page of the Newsstand remain up, but any attempt to search by category fails.

TNM has reached out to Apple’s press team, but no response has been received as to whether this is a bug, or whether a major redesign is in the works. No notice to the shutdown was received by Apple developers.

The outage appears to effect all the stores, not just the U.S. store – though some stores are showing more information than others. For instance, the French Newsstand has apps appearing when one searches categories, but the promotional carousel at the top is a placeholder.

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