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New PressReader responsive website is modeled after their Apple iPhone and iPad app

NewspaperDirect recently rebranded as PressReader and relaunched a news website, unifying all their products and services under the PressReader name

The digital newspaper distribution and publishing company NewspaperDirect a couple of weeks ago announced that it would rebrand itself as PressReader, that same name as its iOS app found in the Apple App Store. At the same time, it launched a new website at which is similar in look and feel to the iPhone and iPad apps.

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“As the media industry has changed and grown over the years, our company has developed new technologies and products to better serve our customers and our partners,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of PressReader. “By unifying all of our products and services under the PressReader name, we feel we are better representing who we are today and where we are going in the future.”

PressReader-settings-lgThe Vancouver, BC based company was founded in 1999 and was known mostly for its print-on-demand newspaper printing services. The company prints same day editions of many of the top newspapers in the world, and travelers at hotels or cruise ships may be familiar with their ability to deliver a printed copy of their favorite newspaper.

The company has also had an online newspaper kiosk with over 2,000 titles available. The company launched its PressReader iPhone app in 2009, and in May of 2010 updated the app to add in iPad support. The app offers over 2,300 newspapers from over 100 countries, and in over 55 languages, according to the app description. One can buy individual issues of one’s favorite newspaper or buy a monthly membership that gives you access to all the available titles for $33.99. offers an enhanced browser reading experience where readers can access thousands of full-content newspapers and magazines that no other aggregated platform offers. – PressReader announcement

The newspapers side the app are digital replicas of the printed newspaper, but PressReader also presents the content in a reformatted version it calls SmartFlow. This can be seen both within the iOS app and online when looking at the top stories.

The new website completely responsive, allowing the reader to resize their browser window in order to improve the reading experience. Settings are customizable so that the reader, once they have an account, can choose their content based on location or interest. When picking content from a replica newspaper online, the reader can click on a headline and instantly a reformatted version of the story appears that is more suitable for reading on a PC (or iPhone or iPad when inside the app).

Without an account, the reader still get access to some of the top stories from many of the leading newspapers around the country or internationally.

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