December 4, 2013 Last Updated 3:01 pm

Explory targets journalists and ‘makers’ with new iOS app

Macromedia team that helped create Flash launches new San Francisco company, and a new content app

I haven’t had a chance to play around with the new Explory app, but the team behind the app is as much the story as the app. Explory is a new iPhone and iPad app that says helps the user create “engaging interactive stories in minutes.”

Explory-app-iconThe app is targeting “makers” and journalists. By makers they mean those who like to create demo videos and posts. The app is free, though there are in-app subscriptions available for storage.

The team behind the app include Jonathan Gay, who founded FutureWave Software in 1993, and Robert Tatsumi. It was that company that created FutureSplash Animator which was later acquired by Macromedia and became Macromedia Flash. Then, Macromedia was bought by Adobe. Also onboard are Peter Goldie, Gary Grossman, and Peter Santangeli. It looks like a powerful team and that is why Explory caught my attention.

Here is the press release they’ve issued on their new app, which seems worth checking out:

Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – December 4, 2013 — Explory, a new app for creating engaging interactive stories, is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Explory can be used to create all kinds of stories, from DIY Maker projects to product overviews, journalism, or sharing a recent vacation. Explory departs from the current trend toward sharing short-form, ‘disposable’ videos, instead making it easy to create deeper stories with structure and narrative.

Many of us want to share experiences that are more in-depth than what can be conveyed with a single photo or a six-second video clip. At the same time, few people want to take the time and effort required to edit a video,” said Peter Goldie, one of the founders of Explory. “Explory makes it fun for anyone to quickly create rich, interactive stories, right on their phone. But we’ve gone further, by giving viewers the ability to control the pace of the story and the level of detail they want to explore, so watching a story is never boring.”

“I’ve been having a lot of fun with Explory, sharing stories with family and friends. It’s easy to use and creates great results quickly. I know my clients are going to be excited to use this to craft their business stories in a compelling and cost effective way. It’s really the next evolution of corporate video,” said Chuck Easler, owner of Easler Communications.

See Explory in action:

Explory: Share your experience!

  • Story creation made easy. Creating a story with Explory is simple and fast. The “Story Ideas” feature automatically creates stories for you by analyzing the time and location data of photos and videos on your device. You just edit the draft, dictate some narration, and add text and music if you wish. You can also start with a blank canvas and pick content from your photo library, or use Explory’s camera to record a story as it happens.
  • Great viewer experience. Explory’s blended media story has a “play” button, but it’s not a traditional video: it’s interactive — viewers can control the pace and depth of the story. Explory allows the viewer to easily swipe ahead to skip sections, or explore details that would not normally be part of watching the main story. Your stories won’t bore anyone because they choose the length!
  • Easy to share. You can share your explories privately with friends and family via email, messaging, and social media or publish them publicly in the Explory gallery. People don’t need the Explory App to view your stories; they can use a mobile or desktop Web browser. Explories can also be embedded in a Web page or blog, just like a traditional video.
  • Continuous Publishing. Explories are stored in the cloud and optimized for playback on your device. Share your story immediately and continue to refine it over time. Explory’s cloud synchronization feature lets you to work on the story from multiple iPhones and iPads.

Who is Explory for?

  • “Makers” who want to share step-by-step how-to instructions such as building, repairing, and recipes.
  • Journalists who want to quickly assemble a rich story with photos, videos, and audio.
  • People who want to share their life—birthdays, weddings, vacations, special moments—with family and friends.
  • Small businesses that don’t have the time, skill or money to create a corporate video.
  • Students who want to create structured project reports.
  • Educators who want to deliver differentiated learning with more detailed content optionally available.
  • Anyone who wants to describe the world around them and share it with others.

How to get started with Explory
Explory is a free download in the Apple App Store. It requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 6 or better. Once you’ve installed it, tap on “Story Ideas” and see your stories! If you want more than the 50MB free storage Explory provides, sign up for a month-long or annual subscription. For more information about Explory visit:

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