December 3, 2013 Last Updated 10:23 am

PressPad launches quarterly digital magazine into the Apple Newsstand and Google Play

Digital Publishing Guide is a free quarterly digital magazine

The digital publishing platform PressPad has launched its own quarterly magazine into the Apple Newsstand, Digital Publishing Guide. The magazine is about publishing successful magazines on smartphones and tablets – and, of course, promotes the PressPad digital publishing platform (as you would expect from a branded magazine).

PressPad-iPad-articleThe digital magazine app can be downloaded and subscribed to for free through the Apple Newsstand and soon Google Play. It is also available as a PDF though the PressPad website.

The app is available as a PDF because that is the way the platform works, and so the digital magazine itself is designed as a print magazine, even with the left-right page numbering one finds in a print magazine.

PressPad, which is one of the 44 companies featured in our guide to digital publishing platforms inside Tablet Publishing magazine, has been one of the few companies inside that guide that has help to promote the app (and we thank them for that).

The PressPad solution is based on offering its solution for free, then collecting $199 of the sales from the digital sales (though if the sales are lower than that amount the publisher owes nothing).

What is interesting is that the PressPad solution, and the new digital magazine, in many ways takes the exact opposite approach of our own effort in that it is not native to the tablet or smartphone platforms. But like other platforms of its kind, a designer can design pages specially for the digital device to insure that readers have readable fonts and graphics.

Digital Publishing Guide contains a large number of articles on the business aspects of digital publishing, as well as how-to articles on publishing eBooks and digital magazines. Because of its length, it would have nice to have had live links from the table of contents and the articles themselves.

PressPad told me that they hope to add features to their solution going forward.

“So far, digital publishing that mimics print one to one works good for most of traditional publishers, but it should be changing,” said Wojciech Szywalski, Content Manager at PressPad. “That is why our aim is to win as many publishers that have their print magazines as possible, then releasing more and more options step by step.”

  • Paul from PressPad 4 years ago

    Douglas, thanks for this. We stay behind the last statement strongly. We have been around since Newsstand inception and know that it won’t for ever – change is needed, it’s just incremental on this market. Cheers!