December 3, 2013 Last Updated 2:41 pm

Media app updates: Daily Mail apologizes for bugs, the NYT adds font adjustments to iPad app, Next Issue adds AirPrint

Some major media app updates were released over the last 24 hours as media companies tried to work out bugs, or add in new features.

The Daily Mail went the extra mile by apologizing for bugs in their Mail Plus for iPad:

“We’re sorry for having let some of you down… and we’d like to make up for it,” the app description states.

“When we upgraded our app for Apple’s iOS7 some unexpected gremlins beyond our control crept into the system around the overnight automatic download. To make up for these glitches, we’ve got a fantastic new puzzle for you!…”

NYT-fonts-iPadThe New York Times updated its NYTimes for iPad today and added in font size controls. Readers will find these under the app’s settings, though finding those settings can be a bit of an adventure (they are within the app, and not within the iPad Settings section).

The NYT’s iPad app update also redesigns the “Most E-Mailed” section and fixes some bugs that were leading to crashes.

Next Issue Media, the company formed by major magazine publishers, updated its iOS digital newsstand app. The app, which goes by the name Next Issue – unlimited access to more than 100 magazines, has added AirPrint capabilities.

“irPrint: Just in time for the holidays. Print your holiday recipes, articles and more,” the app description states. The update also fixes more bugs.

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