November 26, 2013 Last Updated 9:47 am

Magzter updates iOS newsstand app, moves into book sales

Digital newsstand remain heavily geared towards Indian publications

The digital newsstand Magzter updated its iOS app today, adding in iPod touch support (doesn’t that come with iPhone support?), as well as Facebook friends update on notification, and performance improvements which limit the storage of magazines on a users device.

Magzter-books-iPad-lgLast months the digital newsstand company started to add books to its offerings, making it unique among third party digital newsstands – third party newsstand being defined as one not owned by one of the big platform companies (Apple, Google, Amazon).

So far the books being offered lean very heavily to Indian titles. This was true of the company’s magazine offering at the beginning, as well. But the company has been adding in non-Indian titles over the past couple of years, though Magzter still labels these as “International”.

Like all digital newsstands and book stores, the issue of cross-platform compatibility remains an issue.

In order to be in a newsstand such as Magzter, Zinio or others, a publisher needs to produce a digital edition that is essentially a replica edition (though they can be “enhanced”). So a magazine such as The Loop or Tablet Publishing would not work as originally imagined on these newsstands. The Loop, which is heavily geared towards text, but with slideshows, would be more easily converted to PDF form. But a totally interactive magazine such as Tablet Publishing would have to extensively reworked.

This situation also exists in book publishing, where PDF and .mobi versions are common, but an interactive book built with iBooks Author or ePub3 might not be compliant.

  • Nick Martin 4 years ago

    As for cross-platform compatibility I believe in the future more and more publishers/platforms will lean towards HTML5 which is already a recognized web standard that supports all types of interactions.