Magazine updates: Denver Post updates ski guide for new season; Lambrakis Press updates Mousa

Apple corrects developer account name on Tablet Publishing magazine

This week will be a little slow in the U.S. as millions prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday. Because the holiday falls so late in the month – actually the latest it can, as the holiday is the fourth Thursday of November – the Christmas shopping season is somewhat abbreviated this year.

2013-11-25-07_00_36As is common before any holiday, Apple tends to make sure any updates lingering in its system get flushed out before they shut down. As a result, one can expect a flood of apps rushed out – though, to be honest, the app review team can only release so many apps on any given day.

The developer account for the Tablet Publishing magazine app has finally been corrected. The app was to appear under the business account name of TNM Digital Media LLC, but as this conflicted with the paid bookstore account of the same name, Apple’s system kicked it our, causing the app to launch under my own personal account name. That is when Apple’s tax team is supposed to enter the scene.

Eventually things have been fixed, but it is obvious that any developer will want to avoid falling into Apple’s no-man’s land if at all possible. (More on the app and its journey into the App Store here.)

The Denver Post has updated its Denver Post Colorado Ski Guide Newsstand app. The original app was launched a year ago, and was not supported by advertising. This year’s update shows that the app is now single-sponsored by the Shortline Auto Group.

“We’re obviously trying to capitalize on all platforms, and this is our first foray into tablets, iPad applications, and we hope to be able to produce a suite of products beyond this,” Steve McMillan, the editor of the Ski Guide told TNM one year ago when the app launched.

“This is our first product out of the gate, we really want to build on this and put together a suite of digital products that capitalize this richer environment,” McMillan said. “We want to lay in video, audio, photo galleries, interactive maps, everything you can do on a tablet that is exciting to readers.”

Mousa-iPad-newsstand-appThe Greek publisher Lambrakis Press has launched a new Newsstand app for its edition of Marie Claire, called ΜΟΥΣΑ (Mousa) in Greek. Previously to launching ΜΟΥΣΑ the publisher had been using the Adobe Single Edition solution to launch individual stand-along issue apps.

Because of the launch of the Newsstand app, Lambrakis Press has issued updates for its stand-alone apps to add in links to the brand new Newsstand app.

Other updates: issued an update to its AppMachine Previewer app; Stonewash DD&AG updated its replica edition Newsstand app for FIPP’s Magazine World app.

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