November 25, 2013 Last Updated 9:48 am

Holidays will be good for tech devices makers, new poll shows

New Harris poll shows that Android phones and iPhones, iPads top many people’s Christmas shopping lists

The Christmas shopping season is already upon us, and a new survey finds that Americans are thinking tech wen it comes to what to buy.

iPadChristmas2The Harris Poll surveyed 2,368 adults online between October 16 and 21, 2013 and found that 37 percent plan on purchasing at least one tech device this season. Even more “Echo Boomers” (what others call “Millennials”) plan buying a tech device, 54 percent.

The top gift idea is a smartphone: 13 percent plan on either buying an Android phone (6%) or an iPhone (5%). Tablets come in second at 11 percent with the iPad or iPad mini leading the way (6), with Kindle or Android tablets coming next (3%).

Despite the growth of tablets, computer purchases remain at 11 percent, while HDTVs are at 8 percent.

The Harris Poll also surveyed cable ownership and streaming content trends and found that the future is not bright for the cable companies. While 41 percent were streaming content via Netflix, their cable ownership were considerably lower than adults, in general – 72 percent for parents, versus only 60 percent for younger Americans (Echo Boomers).

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