November 22, 2013 Last Updated 3:35 pm

From digital to print: Pitchfork launches The Pitchfork Review

Quarterly print magazine to premiere December 14

Press Release:

New York, NY — November 21, 2013 – Pitchfork Media has announced that after 16 years establishing itself as the most influential voice in music journalism, it is expanding into the print category with the launch of The Pitchfork Review. The Review debuts on December 14, 2013 and will be published quarterly.

While continuing to build upon its commitment to covering the music world online, as well as continuing to innovate in the digital sphere, Pitchfork is extending its passion for music, images, and storytelling into a new format. The Pitchfork Review was envisioned as a way to give readers a more timeless experience rooted in the collector mentality.

“Music magazines were the original inspiration for Pitchfork,” said Pitchfork Founder and CEO Ryan Schreiber. “We’re in a unique position because we respect and understand the advantages of both mediums. The Pitchfork Review allows us to adapt our coverage to a format we deeply admire, in a way that we feel will resonate with people who are looking for a more thoughtful approach to music.”

The Pitchfork Review, a perfect-bound 8 x 10.25, book-like music magazine, will showcase the in-depth and varied content that has made Pitchfork the internet’s premiere music resource, including original long-form feature stories, columns, comics, illustrations and more. In addition to the publication’s exclusive content, the title will include a selection of recent pieces from Pitchfork enhanced with additional footnotes and new visuals. The magazine, which will be printed on high-quality paper stock, is thoughtfully designed to be an item that will inspire readers to collect, read and enjoy over the long term.

The limited –run magazine will be available via subscription at and select newsstands domestically and internationally. Prior to December 15th, subscriptions will be priced at an annual introductory rate of $44.99 ($49.99 after Dec. 15, 2013) and single copies will be available for $19.96 in honor of the year that Pitchfork debuted.

The publication will be overseen and include contributions by Pitchfork ‘s editorial staff alongside J.C. Gabel of Stop Smiling and The Chicagoan, who will serve as The Pitchfork Review’s Managing Editor and Associate Publisher. Additionally, the entirety of the publication will be designed and conceptualized in house, and printed locally in Chicago, IL.

“We live in an era of delete-ability, where things lack that long term feeling that going to the book or record store once provided,” said Pitchfork Media President Chris Kaskie. “While we’ll always focus on providing a comprehensive product online for music fans that engage at any level, we also want to something you can collect and leave to your kids alongside your vinyl and the login credentials to your cloud music collection.”

“For us, this is not a nostalgic move, because print has never left our lives,” said Pitchfork Media Creative Director Michael Renaud. “Much like we still value the packaging and visual representation of an album, we want to create a permanent object of a moment through music journalism and documentation. Nothing is better suited than this medium to produce a compendium of what we’ll remember from the last few months and what’s going through our minds as music fans right now.”

Pitchfork Media’s continued expansion includes July’s launch of the film site The Dissolve as well as the recent debut of the brand’s digital magazine and mobile app Pitchfork Weekly.

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