November 22, 2013 Last Updated 6:13 am

Friday app clean-up: Emmis mag apps add Facebook sharing, Adobe updates Content Viewer

DER SPIEGEL app gets iOS 7 app redesign

The end of the week is as good a time as any to dump an update into the App Store to clean-up some bugs. Conversely, launching a new app on a Friday is generally a bad idea unless one wants to test out the app prior to beginning promotion efforts first thing Monday morning.

Emmis Communications, the broadcaster and publisher of city/regional magazines has updated its portfolio of magazine apps. These include such titles as Indianapolis Monthly Cincinnati Magazine, Texas Monthly, Atlanta Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.

In its latest quarterly earnings report, Emmis was able to buck the trend of other publishers and post a modest gain in revenue.

Adobe has issued an update for its Adobe Content Viewer app. The app is used to preview issues created using the Adobe DPS and Adobe Single Edition solutions.

In case you missed it, yesterday Quark updated its App Studio digital publishing platform. The update brings iOS 7 optimization to the solution. The post on the update includes a slideshow of screenshots.

Dropbox-app-update-lgTwitter updated both its social media app of the same name and Vine yesterday. The update for the Twitter iOS app is the 23rd update this year. It is also the fifth update since the introduction of iOS 7. For those who update their apps automatically, the constant updating is not such a big deal, but for those who like to manage these things manually, or what to make sure they do not update an app when the update might be defective, this is truly annoying. Having said that, one has to marvel at the team’s ability to churn out an update. Because of the frequency of these updates, each update generally is a fairly minor tweak. The update for Vine, though, will be appreciated by those with older iPhones as it deals with improvements to recording with an iPhone3GS or iPhone 4.

Dropbox, though, issued a major update today. It’s update for the app of the name, brings Dropbox up to version 3.0 and is a redesign for iOS 7. I can say that without a doubt there was no way the TNM team could have worked on our Tablet Publishing app without Dropbox. As the art director was in Athens, Greece with a fairly slow WiFi connection, and I am in Chicago, the use of Dropbox was essential for sharing files, previewing InDesign files before using the Adobe Content Viewer, etc.

Dropbox also came in handy when communicating with the Apple iBooks Author team. If you recall, the first update of the app following the launch of OS X Mavericks had a mistake in it – the ability to embed custom fonts was missing from the new version. I shared an iBook file with the software team to illustrate the problem so that they could see it live in a file where they did not have the custom font installed on their Macs.

Finally, Der Spiegel‘s universal iOS app received a redesign inspired by the release of iOS 7. This brings the app up to version 2.0

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