November 21, 2013 Last Updated 10:21 am

Navel gazing: a look at TNM readers through Google Analytics

Android browsers finally start to show up

One of my favorite features on the Talking Points Memo website is when Josh Marshall takes time out to talk about what he is seeing as far as the site’s traffic is concerned. He usually apologizes for taking the time to navel gaze, but I think he is as fascinated in these things as I am.

Over the years of Internet publishing one sees distinct trends – the demise of Internet Explorer as the browser of choice, for instance. So I though I’d do a little navel gazing, as well, if you don’t mind.

On July 1 of this year, TNM was relaunched. Previously, the site was a Blogger site, hosted by Google. There were all sorts of problems with this, the biggest was simply that any one show came in through the URL would not see the exact right story URLs. Only if they used would things look right. Moving to TNM, alone, meant that the site would lose some readership.

But when the site relaunched there were bigger problems, all my fault, about the way third party traffic trackers were measuring the site. These things were not sorted out until mid-September. It was then that the site saw its traffic really take off.

For the past three years I have seen Chrome leap up to become the top browser of choice. But Safari has always been right there with it. From 2011 to 2012, this site had a working iPhone app that was fairly often used, though that app was never updated and it is now out of the app store. Instead, the new site is responsive.

But missing from any of the stats was Android browsing. But Android is finally showing up. 7.2 percent of TNM readers are accessing this site through an Android device. Still small, but definitely growing.

The combination of Macs and iOS devices still are ahead of Windows, but barely. Windows machines beat Macs, if iOS devices are pulled out, but now 21.5 percent of all traffic here is coming from an iOS device. By the way, BlackBerry is almost gone – only .2 percent of TNM readers access the site from a Blackberry (and I bet they mistyped the URL and ended up here by mistake).

I have always been proud of the fact that around 50 percent of TNM were from outside the U.S. This was definitely one of the advantages of being on Blogger. Often someone would write me and ask about an article and would provide the link. That link would have something other than .com at the end.

Now, US readership of this stands about around 60 percent. The reason is the growth of US readers, not necessarily the falling off of non-US readership.

In the past, however, I could actually tell if someone I knew was reading the site. For instance, Greece always was in the top ten thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the person who worked with me on the Tablet Publishing magazine app. Greece now doesn’t make the top 25. But I’m happy to see my old hometown of San Francisco climbing up the ranks of the top cities. It wasn’t bothered me seeing it down the list.

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