November 21, 2013 Last Updated 10:07 am

ESPN rebrands its ScoreCenter iPhone, Android apps to SportsCenter

Some rebranding efforts are out of desperation, some are simply obvious moves. The app update for ESPN that changes the name of its iOS score app from ScoreCenter to SportsCenter is one of those obvious moves.

ESPN-SC-iPhone5-lgFollowing the update, the iPhone app is now officially called ESPN SportsCenter. But the update is more than just a rebranding of the app as the update brings in a new design and new features.

Here is the “What’s New” section of the app description:

What’s New in Version 4.0.0
– ScoreCenter is now SportsCenter
– Speed: Faster than Calvin Johnson going deep
– Favorites: Your team news and scores in an instant
– Clubhouses: Content central for every team and league under the sun
– ESPN Now: Your one-stop-shop for real-time scores and social updates
– Inbox: A dedicated home for personalized content from news to alerts to scores
– Enhanced Game Pages: New native sharing and one-click GameCast access
– Search: Easily navigate to teams, leagues, and sports to view content or add to favorites

Sports score apps are one of those essential apps many download once getting their first smartphones. Many apps have been launched through the years, but those who have maintained their apps are generally in a good position to monetize the apps through mobile advertising. Obviously, by tying their iPhone app to their popular television programming, ESPN should be in an even better position to monetize this app.