November 20, 2013 Last Updated 9:50 am

New data Chitika Insights shows the iPad still rules web traffic coming from tablets

But Android tablets are making some headway, and browsing behavior is very similar to iPad owners

The latest web usage numbers coming from Chitika Insights shows that Apple’s iPad still dominates. iPad user still generate more than 80 percent of all tablet-based web traffic in the U.S., according to the report.

But despite this, Android is making progress in cutting this percentage down.


“Despite the large disparity in total traffic generated, this difference used to be even larger back in 2012,” wrote Andrew Waber in the recently released issue of Tablet Publishing magazine. “Android tablet usage has grown significantly over the past year, and the browsing behavior of these users, at least in terms of hourly usage, is now very similar to their Apple counterparts.”

“In aggregate, these statistics point to two platforms whose users may vary in number and potential impact, but also two platforms whose user bases browse the Web at nearly identical frequencies during each hour of the day. This has wide-ranging implications for online content readership, marketing outreach, and application design,” Waber said.

Chitika also has recently reported that the Microsoft Surface is finally showing signs of life – again, at least as far as web traffic numbers are concerned. According to Chitika, only 3.3 percent of all non-iPad tablet web traffic came from the Microsoft Surface tablet. But now that level has increased to 5.7 percent. But, again, this represents web traffic from non-iPad users, meaning a small percentage of a small percentage.