November 19, 2013 Last Updated 1:39 pm

TNM publishes first interactive Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms for Mag Publishers

Guide for magazine publishers found inside new Tablet Publishing magazine app

TalkingNewMedia has today released a stand-alone tablet magazine app which contains a directory of digital platform companies. The Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms for Magazine Publishers can be found inside Tablet Publishing – Winter 2013, found in the Apple App Store.

Guide-iPad-infographicThe interactive Guide is 130+ pages in length and contains 44 companies that offer services for magazine publishers to create digital editions.

Companies were sent survey forms beginning in mid-July and asked to complete them and submit screenshots and other materials to be included in the Guide. A total of 45 companies completed the survey forms, though one company was omitted due to a lack of information and examples. A number of other companies did not respond to our requests for information, or were unknown to us at the time the survey forms were sent out.

The companies included were not charged a fee for participating.

At the time the survey forms were emailed out to companies no designs had yet been created – as a result, it was difficult for companies to envision what the Guide would look like in its finished form as no other such digital directory had yet been created.

Over a two month period of time a design was created by Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the issue’s art director and production manager. Near the end of the production work an infographic was created that, with one very long swipe, allows the reader to see all the companies and see the digital newsstands and app stores they support. At first this infographic was to be part of the contents pages, but a decision was made to make it part of the introduction to the Guide itself.

Guide-iPad-29thBecause a number of companies are not included – only one “declined” to participate – it is hoped that the Guide may one day be updated via an app update. Two companies have already contacted TNM to ask why they were not in the Guide (one because they were new to us, the other because we received no completed survey form back after several attempts to secure one).

The companies included in the Guide are: 29th Street Publishing, Adobe, Aquafadas, App Studio (Quark), Aysling Digital Media Solutions, Baker Framework, Better Press, Bluepaper, BlueToad, CoverPage, DoApp, eDition, ePublish4me, ExactEditions, FutureFolio, Genwi, Glide, GoPublish, HP – MagCloud, ImgZine, iMirius, Mag+, MagCast, Magzter, MAZ, Nxtbook Media, Oomph, Origami Engine, PadCMS, PageSuite, PressMatrix, PressPad, PRSS, PugPig, Realview Digital, Red Foundry, Scoopkit, Tablet Publisher Pro, TapEdition, Twixl, Type Engine, WoodWing, Woopi, and ZMags.

Each company in the Guide has at least three pages dedicated to their publishing solution. Included is information involving the platforms supported, their contact information, a short description, pricing and hosting information, screenshots and examples of apps that use their solution including links, and in some cases demo videos and screenshots of their solution as it looks while creating an app.

There is naturally variation between company pages, but an attempt was made to make each entry similar. As a result, some companies may have submitted material that was left out of the Guide – and we certainly want it known that we appreciate that extra effort some companies put into their entries.

To learn more about the origins of the app itself you can read this report on the story behind the app, and there is an overview story that discusses the editorial material that can be found inside the issue, as well.

  • Les Csonge 4 years ago

    Doug, Konstantinos – I just read (after investing my $3.99) How “The Guide” Was Born, you must be very proud, and deservedly so, I think you have done a great job and could not have been easy,

    • Les Csonge ( 4 years ago

      A great resource packed with simple easy to understand data, examples and direct link vendor contact details (well worth $3.99 for time saving alone) The only thing I did not like was the fact my company was omitted lol ;-( But I am sure that can be put right on the update 😉

  • Sam Enrico Williams 4 years ago

    Good going with the app! It’s a pity we were not aware of such a directory being put together. Please send us info in the near future. Thanks

  • Nick Martin 4 years ago

    Congratulations Doug! Job well done!

  • Audrey Henry 4 years ago

    Hi Doug, 3D Issue is a leader in digital publishing