November 19, 2013 Last Updated 3:21 pm

Mag+ updates its digital publishing platform to version 4.4, introduces plug-in for InDesign CC

The digital publishing platform company Mag+ has updated its solution today, bringing up the solution to version 4.4. Mag+, which was developed and spun out of Bonnier, has introduced a plug-in for InDesign CC – a welcome feature for those Adobe Creative Cloud members.

Mag-CC-Plug-inThe new version of the Mag+ platform now has a script that automates the conversion of PDF files into MIBs, the file format used by Mag+.

“Although Mag+ is and always will be a custom-design tool,” Mike Haney wrote on the company’s blog, “we know there are times you need to take material from a PDF to Mag+—maybe you have a bunch of back issues to convert, or old sales materials it doesn’t make sense to redesign from scratch.”

“What’s brilliant about this script is that it breaks up the PDF and creates Mag+ InDesign documents for each page, and then optionally exports the documents. This means that if you want to go back and swap out a page with something custom designed, or add links or movies to one of the pages, you can just open the ID doc, make your change, and re-export,” Haney wrote.

Mag+ also issued an update for its preview app, Mag+ Reviewer. A preview app, of course, is used by designers to preview the digital editions. In the case of the Mag+ app, the preview app works on both an iPhone and iPad.

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