Gruner + Jahr and Metro release new tablet apps using Prss

New platform still in “closed beta” with over 50 publishers

The digital publishing platform Prss, created by the publishing team behind the popular tablet app TRVL, today saw its second and third commercial customers release new tablet apps: Gruner + Jahr AG released Living at Home (officially Plätzchen backen – die besten Rezepte zu Weihnachten von Living at Home) and BasisMedia B.V. released a Newsstand app, Metro Mode.

The first app released on Prss was SHIFT by TNW, the new magazine app from The Next Web.

Prss-mags-iPad-lgThe apps have the distinctive look of a Prss app: landscape design, pages that fit snuggly on the tablet page rather than allow for scrolling, and a unique and attractive library.

Michel Elings of Prss told TNM that Prss is currently in “closed beta” with over 50 publishers, as they slowly ramp up availability of the platform for other publishers to use.

“12,500 publishers, companies, universities and artists have signed up for Prss,” Elings told TNM. “We are gate keeping access and launching magazine apps one by one.”

“We have automated numerous parts of the design and publishing process, as well as the app building process, to the extent that we will start scaling Prss in a controlled manor in the next couple of weeks,” Elings said.

Meanwhile, Apple has been giving the Prss team plenty of support as both their app TRVL, which was built on an early version of the Prss platform, and the new SHIFT by TNW apps have been receiving plenty of promotion within the Apple App Store.

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  • Robert 4 years ago

    Gruner und Jahr are clearly not Dutch but German. Dutch and Deutsch are just one letter apart but refer to two different nations.

    • D.B. Hebbard 4 years ago

      You’re absolutely right, though I was referring to the apps, not the company. But that is German, as well.

      Passage was deleted… because it was wrong.