November 18, 2013 Last Updated 1:32 pm

Magvault officially launches its UK magazine search service

Service searches Apple, Google and Amazon, as well as individual publishers to find the right magazine in the right format

The UK magazine search service Magvault officially launched today. The service, which was previewed on TNM two weeks ago, not only searches the publisher’s websites for titles, but also Apple, Google and so that the reader has the choice of format and platform, as well.

“We created Magvault to be as easy as a trip to the newsagents – better, really, because you get to browse only the categories you really like and you get better deals by going online,” Neil Morgan, founder of Magvault, said.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.12.02 PMThe search service was launched in the UK initially. “We plan to expand internationally and take advantage of the ‘long tail’ that will come with referring international readers to print publication that are not distributed in their locality” Morgan told TNM.

Magvault is designed, of course, to address the increasing issue of discoverability. With more and more physical magazine newsstands disappearing, and with multiple digital newsstands and app stores having been created, find the right title, in the right format, can prove difficult.

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