November 14, 2013 Last Updated 11:37 am

Apple updates iBooks app and iBooks Store design

If you like wood grain and leather, you won’t be happy with the new iBooks and iBooks Store redesign. But after the release of iOS 7 the redesign was bound to happen at some time.

iBooks-iconToday Apple updated its iBooks app for iOS 7, the last of the apps to be so updated. While iBooks Author has been updated twice – one to add previewing of eBooks created with it on the Mac, and then again to fix a custom font embed issue – the old iBooks app has been unchanged.

For many at Apple involved with iOS 7, the lack of an update for the iOS version of iBooks must have drove them crazy as sitting on any users iPhone or iPad was a reminder of the old designs, once loved by Steve Jobs, but now considered passé.

Apple also updated the look of the iBooks Store, as well. You be the judge, but I’m crazy about it.

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