PASMAG launches special interactive magazine edition

New app also directs readers who want a digital replica edition to Zinio

For many magazine publishers the decision of whether to launch a native or replica edition app is an either/or choice. But there is no reason for this, as the new app for PASMAG clearly illustrates.

Pasmag-iPad-coverPASMAG is short for performance audio and sound magazine, and its new app, named PASMAG+, is a “re-imagined view of select features and articles from the archives of Performance Auto & Sound with new features added regularly.” I guess you could think of it as a “best of” issue.

Inside the Newsstand app the library contains one “Special Edition” issue weighing in at 287 MB. The digital version of the magazine is this big not because of animation and video, but because the designers have included layouts in both portrait and landscape.

I personally like it landscape, after all car photography lends itself to landscape. But readers have a choice.

Speaking of choice, the app’s library has a nice reminder to readers that if they would prefer the replica edition of the print magazine they can download the Zinio app and access the magazine there. This is, of course, an option open to any print magazine publisher.

Pasmag-iPad-articleFor digital-only publishers, though, it would require the building of a PDF-based replica of the digital edition – talk about a reversing of the normal way this is done. Why do this? Why create a version for Zinio? Well, this post gives you one reason.

As the name of this app implies, the Newsstand app and its issue inside used the Mag+ platform to create it. I suppose their is no prohibition on anyone using the + symbol on their app, but seeing it on a magazine app usually is a clear sign that the publishing is using the Mag+ platform.

Right now the app feels a bit like an experiment. The app description hints that this issue will be updated rather than new ones appearing. But since it is a Newsstand app, rather than a stand-alone app, the option is obviously open to adding more issue and beginning to sell subscriptions.

But for now, readers can download the app and access the special edition without paying.

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