November 13, 2013 Last Updated 7:37 am

Google accelerates its deletion of URLs in search results for pirated music and videos

TorrentFreak says over 200 million links have been removed by the giant search engine

The website TorrentFreak is reporting that Google has dramatically increased the amount of links it has deleted from search results due to accusations of content piracy.

GoogleTR-chartAccording to the website FilesTube is getting hammered the most, with 7 million links removed from Google’s search results. The numbers are compiled from Google’s own report.

The largest number of requests came from Degban, with 5.654 million URLs deleted, followed by BPI at nearly the same number. The RIAA accounted for 2.99 million URLs deleted. In total, TorrentFreak says that over 200 million requests to have links deleted have been submitted by copyright holders so far this year.

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