November 11, 2013 Last Updated 11:17 am

Magazine app updates: Chilled’s tablet edition gets a platform update, Apptitude Media updates its photography Newsstand apps

Updated apps use the Mag+ platform

The major digital publishing platforms have all long ago updated their magazine publishing solutions to make sure they would work when Apple released its latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7. But that doesn’t mean there would not be more bug fix updates required, or that every publisher would rush to update their apps.

Chilled, is a B2B magazine from Chilled Media, which is an offshoot of Chilled Distributors LLC. It’s target audience is bartenders. The magazine has a print counterpart, but its Newsstand edition was released in May of this year (see original TNM post on the app here). I described the app back then as a hybrid edition: with the print ads from liquor companies as seen in print, but with the editorial reformatted to be native to digital.

Chilled-iPad-ad-lgBut the most recent edition available inside the app has evolved somewhat. The digital edition, which uses the Mag+ platform, now has several of its ads redesigned to accommodate the tablet environment. The ad, seen at right, for instance, now allows the reader to swipe to reveal more of the ad – in order words, the two-page print ad can now be seen on one tablet page, a much better solution.

Readers can buy individual issues or pay for a subscription through the app, but the latest edition is also available for free to download inside the app’s library.

The newest issue weighs in at 128 MB. I found the app a tad “sticky” which makes me wonder if my “New iPad” (3rd generation) is getting a little long in the tooth for some of these newer digital editions.

BJP-update-icon-smApptitude Media, the new start-up publishing company formed from the breaking off of the team behind the British Journal of Photography, has updated two of its Newsstands.

Both British Journal of Photography+ and Fade > Black use the Mag+ platform. Apptitude Media also has a third app called 125 World.

The BJP used to be owned by Incisive Media and the old app bearing that name was also updated. But I can’t quite figure out what is going on with that app because now it is showing the “cover” of “Fade to Black” as its app icon.

The new updates were issued to fix some bugs that were causing crashes, especially on iPhones, and to restore subscriptions and issues on devices using iOS 7. This is the first updates to mention iOS 7. Previous bug fix updates were issued in September, before that August and June. The original release of the BJP app under the Apptitude Media came in April of this year. The app was named App of the Year at the PPA Digital Media Awards in September.

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