November 8, 2013 Last Updated 1:33 pm

Magvault seeks to address the growing issue of discoverability of digital magazines

Soon to launch website will track and offer information on digital magazines to be found online and in the many app stores, initially for the U.K.

The issue of app discoverability becomes more important each day as more and more titles are launching into the Apple Newsstand, Google Play,, Zinio, Magzter… you name it. One new company is trying to address the issue, at least in the U.K.

Magvault, which will formally launch on November 18, seeks to help readers find digital magazine by showing the titles available on the major digital newsstands in one location. Readers can search the site by title, category or app store, and then are linked to those stores in order to buy the magazine.


“We believe that appstores do not promote magazines sufficiently and tablet users are often unaware of their existence,” Neil Morgan of Magvault told TNM today. “Too often new magazine users are simply confused by ‘free’ container apps and simply feel ripped off when they are asked to pay. It takes much detective work to discover what magazines are interactive, who offers free trials and free samples and what publications are offered on what devices.”

For now Magvault will be listing U.K. titles, though often with digital publications there is some ambiguity when it comes to digital magazines. Magvault tacks magazines manually, but also works with iMonitor in the U.S.

“We are encouraging publishers to submit to us,” Morgan said, “although we will shy away from the corporate, niche professional or super niche titles.”

“Newsstand and the Google (Play) store are doing their own little jobs, but they are not doing them very well,” Morgan says in a promotional video, uploaded to YouTube just today. “Magazines are their number five seller, so they aren’t pushing them very hard. The magazine publishers can’t buy any advertising space, so they can’t run any promotions. So at least any promotions they do run are being picked up in Magvault, and with two million new tablet readers coming over this Christmas I think that is a lot of potential magazine readers that are coming online.”

Magvault, once launched will be offering promotional opportunities on its site to publishers, and will use a commission system for affiliate links.

“We plan to expand internationally and take advantage of the ‘long tail’ that will come with referring international readers to print publication that are not distributed in their locality,” Morgan told TNM via email.