November 8, 2013 Last Updated 7:26 am

CBS backtracks on 60 Minutes report, will issue apology; Apple updates iBooks, Mail Mac apps

Morning Brief:

I suppose it is logical that CBS would have acted like the government when its credibility was questioned over a segment on 60 Minutes concerning Benghazi. 60 Minutes, and its correspondent Lara Logan, had presented Dylan Davies, a security officer hired to protect the US Special Mission in Benghazi as a credible witness to the attack. Davies presented a picture of an unresponsive government response, somewhat damning to the State Department, and by association the Obama administration – though it did not directly tie the White House to any mishandling of the response.

HuffPost-CBS-lgBut things have gotten steadily worse for CBS as information came out that the person interviewed may not have been a credible witness. Now, it appears, Davies was not even at the scene of the attack, telling the FBI that he did not go to the compound until the morning after the attack, the NYT reported this morning.

Now the correspondent has said, via Twitter, that she will issue an apology this week on the Sunday program. “We will apologize to our viewers and we will correct the record on our broadcast on Sunday night,” Logan said Friday morning.

The Huffington Post is clearly having fun with CBS’s misery, featuring the controversy on its front page (above-right).

As they say, it is the cover-up that will get you. In this case, CBS tried to ignore and downplay the discrepancies in their report, and now that word is out that Davies said one thing to the FBI, and another to CBS, 60 Minutes is made to look less credible – and the program was built on the idea of holding others to account, no wonder there appears to be delight in their troubles today.

OSX-Mav-logoApple issued an update for iBooks for Mac today. iBooks 1.0.1 is a bug fix – as is its update for Mail, which addresses issues with Gmail and custom settings.

The introduction of OS X Mavericks brought iBooks to the Mac, as well as an update to the iBooks Author eBook creation program. That update brought a custom font embed issue, and so a new update was issued last week which fixed the issue.

Among the other app updates today is an update to FIPP’s Newsstand app for its association title Magazine World, a five time per year magazine. The app was created by Stonewash, and appears under their name rather than FIPP’s.

The app is a replica edition with embedded links and the occasional embedded multimedia media content.

But while US magazines are often hard to read in replica form because of their print size being shrunk down to the iPad’s display specs, UK magazines, with their A4 size, are even more awkward as a replica – leaving gaps on the left and right side of the screen in portrait.

But for those who can not access the magazine any other way, it is at least available through the Newsstand… and the magazine is free.

Oyster’s digital bookstore app has been updated. The apps as recently updated to add in iPad support to what had previously been an iPhone-only app.

Now version 1.1.1 adds more books and a new ‘Young Adult’ category.

There are also the usual bog fixes and improvements in the update.

  • Judy Barber 4 years ago

    I was uncomfortable with Lara Logan’s interview. It appeared she was out of her depth. She is not a critical thinker. The notice of her boobs on such a series topic does not help her credibility