November 4, 2013 Last Updated 7:30 am

U.S. press has a hard time keeping their eye on the ball in U.K. phone hacking case

Trial of News Inter’l executives moves from phone hacking to sex scandal to cover-up scandal in first week

For the NYT’s Maureen Dowd, the trial of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, to former News International executives, is about all about a sex scandal – phone hacking and obstruction of justice just isn’t juicy enough. It is no wonder that journalists rarely condemn the real crimes committed by Murdoch’s UK tabloid, they can’t seem to recognize the offense.

rebekah-brooks-rupert-murdoch-smThe trial in the Old Bailey continued today with evidence given that Rebekah Brooks and her personal assistant in 2011 removed seven boxes of notebooks when it became apparent that she would be arrested for her participation in the phone hacking scandal that enveloped Murdoch’s News of the World, and eventually led to its be shuttered.

“You can imagine the extremely anxious, if not panic-stricken approach to this development that must have been going on at The News of the World and News International,” the prosecutor Andrew Edis QC said in court today, according to The Telegraph.

Last week it was revealed in court that the two defendants had been carrying on an affair in the years before the hacking scandal broke. This was the big news of the case to the NYT’s Dowd, who compared it, in detail, to the movie “Betrayal”. The hacking of the cell phones of celebrities, a missing girl who later was found dead, and fellow journalists, is apparently a truffle.

That journalists should be breaking the law in such an overt manner, that it could be standard operating procedure to access the phone voice mails of celebrities and other citizens, doesn’t get much play in the press – at least in the U.S., where getting the press to concentrate on the issues brought up by Edward Snowden’s data dump is difficult enough. And so the UK trial will probably get little play here in the States until the next revelation appears that deals with journalists sleeping with journalists.

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