October 30, 2013 Last Updated 1:30 pm

Former NYT editor Jim Roberts joins Mashable

Roberts left the NYT to join Reuters and its Next project, which was soon cancelled

It’s good to be employed. That is about the only reason people are not using to explain the move by Jim Roberts, a former NYT editor, to join Mashable.com. Roberts will be the new executive editor and chief content officer.

“Although this is the beginning of a new journey, it also feels like the natural progression for an editor who loves the news and loves even more the opportunity to experiment with new and innovative ways of spreading it to an audience — and growing that audience in the process,” Roberts wrote today at Mashable.com.

“For eight years, Pete Cashmore and his teammates have built a successful and growing journalistic business that sits at the busy intersection of technology, social media, entertainment, lifestyle, business, innovation and culture. They understand the subjects not only as a matter of journalism, but also how they resonate with the audience, a global audience. And they know to present it with style, excitement and fun,” Roberts writes of his new digs.

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