October 29, 2013 Last Updated 7:13 am

Newsstand magazine from MLS, OVERLAP, gets app update, adds iPhone support

Netflix, Google Play Books, Vine and Mousa #1 get bug fix updates, as well

The new digital magazine for Major League Soccers, OVERLAP, has been updated this morning. The update is, like many, about making sure the Newsstand app is iOS 7 compliant. But in this case, the publishers have added iPhone to the app which had previously been for the iPad only.

Overlap-iPad-issue2-lgThe app is a collaboration between MLS and the editor of Howler Magazine, a quarterly print magazine that covers soccer from a North American perspective.

“We partnered up with George Quraishi, who is the editor of Howler, and said we loved what they are doing and we wanted to do something that was from a similar perspective, that would take a look at MLS, and MLS-related type of stories. There are so many great stories that aren’t being told,” Greg Lalas told TNM at the time the app was released earlier this year.

The new digital magazine has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from readers since its introduction, so now iPhone users will be able to enjoy OVERLAP, as well. (In fact, one of the very few positive reviews was from a reader who asked “why can’t we get this for iPhone?”) But since March only two issues of OVERLAP have appeared, hopefully the third issue will be ready for the playoffs. The app uses the Adobe DPS is build its app and issues. The digital magazine is free to download and read.

Google Play Books was updated, as was Netflix – both for bug fixes.

Vine’s iOS app was also updated. A major update was released just last week, this one works out some bugs.

ΜΟΥΣΑ #1, the first of four stand-alone magazine apps from Lambrakis Press for the Greek edition of Marie Claire, was also updated today.

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