October 28, 2013 Last Updated 12:23 pm

Washington State Wine Commission releases informative, amusing iPad app to promote the state’s wines

Brought to you by Washington State Wine, this app features comedian Greg Proops as The Recommendeuer, the master of education and recommendation of Washington State wines. – App description

In our business, publishing, one might be expected to move around from job to job, state to state. But in my career I’ll admit that I have one rule that I have used when deciding whether to interview for the job: does the state that the job is in allow for out-of-state shipping of wines? If no, then interviewing for the position is out of the question.

WSW-iPad-lgEighty years after the passage of the 21st amendment which repealed Prohibition, the U.S. still has bizarre laws concerning alcohol (and wine, in particular). My favorite wine importer, for instance, had to duke it out with the Feds to be allowed to add a quote on his bottles: “Good wine is a necessary of life for me.” It is probably a bit of a corruption of the actual quote by Thomas Jefferson which is “Perhaps I may trouble you annually to about the same amount, this being a very favorite wine, and habit having rendered the light and high flavored wines a necessary of life with me.”

Another good rule for where to work (and where to live) is to make sure the place grows wine grapes. California obviously works, but so do many Mediterranean countries. My friend and collaborator on a soon-to-be-announced project will soon be moving to Doha, that wouldn’t qualify.

Washington state certainly would. The state produces excellent wines of many varieties, though I’m sure the producers there often feel ignored.

So the Washington State Wine Commission, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the state’s wine industry, has developed and released an iPad app, WSW. The informative and entertaining app is free of charge, of course, and is a must download for any wine lover.

The app features comedian Greg Proops as The Recommendeuer who, when not cracking jokes, leads the reader through an education on Washington State wines. The app features videos and lots of wine facts.

I don’t know if the commission developed the app in-house, but Rob Anderson is listed as the Marketing Director and the contact for the app, so let’s give him credit until corrected.

  • Rob Andersen 4 years ago

    Dear D.B., thank you for writing such a flattering piece about our exciting new app. We hope our friends in the industry have as much fun consuming the wide-ranging content as we did putting it together. Creative credit is due to the entire Washington State Wine team and the creative forces of our agency, GreenRubino, who conceptualized this program and nurtured it through to launch. The app was developed specifically for the iPad —taking advantage of its larger format and superior user experience to best showcase the rich content that was developed for this campaign. Creation of the iPhone version is in process and is scheduled to launch before the end of the year.