October 25, 2013 Last Updated 4:00 pm

TIME Magazine updates its iPad app to add retina display support

Twenty months after the release of the “New iPad” TIME Magazine updates its iPad app to bring retina quality issues

Starting with the November 4th issue, TIME Magazine’s iPad edition will support the iPad’s retina display. The update is labeled 27.3.2 – the previous update, released a year ago, was version 6.3. Perhaps the TIME team got sucked into a giant hole and has finally emerged.

seo_cw_productOf course, a lot has happened over at TIME Inc., including Laura Lang getting hired away from Digitas, and then leaving, but not before bringing in a consulting firm. then instituting layoffs. Then TIME Inc was going to sell off its titles to Meredith, then it wasn’t.

TIME has always been way behind the trends in iPad editions. First the magazine issued apps outside the Newsstand, only moving its app into Apple folder in June of 2012. Print subscribers finally got free issues in May of 2011, though this is one of those decisions that can always be debated (Hearst doesn’t do it).

Why the issues didn’t support the retina display is an odd one, but I’m sure readers that have stuck with the app will be appreciative. Unfortunately, most of the early reviews are complaining about issues with logging into their accounts.

One reviewer calls TIME “this liberal rag,” a pretty hilarious complaint. He needs to read the excellent biography of Henry Luce, The Publisher, by Alan Brinkley. But then again the reviewer is writing in the App Store under the name “Blow Hard” – appropriate.