October 23, 2013 Last Updated 11:35 am

PressPad to launch Android support starting October 31

Platform giving away lifetime free Android app if publisher orders Apple app before October 25th

The Cracow, Poland based digital publishing platform PressPad said on its blog today that it would launch Android support for publications beginning on October 31.

PressPad-flagPressPad’s cost structure is unique: the cost is the first $199 earned on the app each month. All revenue over that amount is kept by the publisher. But if the app does not earn back its $199 the publisher is not required to pay the difference. Essentially it is a limited revenue share.

Until now the PressPad had been exclusively iOS, but the addition of the Android platform will allow the company’s customers to get their titles into Google Play.

The digital publishing solution is built off of PDFs, which means most apps – that generally appear under the PressPad name in the App Store – are replicas. But a new publisher could use the system to design a digital magazine to tablet specs, create a PDF, then submit it to create a publication more native to the iPad.

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