October 23, 2013 Last Updated 5:59 am

Apple releases minor update to iBooks Author

Update is the first in 12 months and brings program up to version 2.1

If you write a post about the lack of an update for a program you can be sure of one thing, an update will be released. That’s what happened last night shortly after I posted about the lack of any new version of iBooks Author, Apple’s eBook publishing software.

iBooksAuthor-update-lgThe update brings the software package up to version 2.1 and contains some bug fixes and now allows the designer to preview their eBooks on a Mac (previously the program only produced books for the iPad).

Users of the program will no doubt be happy Apple hasn’t completely abandoned the program, though this minor update was the only one issued in the last 12 months.

The biggest feature missing remains the inability to create a book for the iPhone. As a result, many publishers are choosing to service the iPhone through Kindle Editions, since Amazon has a reader app for both the iPhone and iPad.

Prior to yesterday’s Apple event there were virtually no rumors concerning iBooks Author and Apple did not mention the program except to say that interactive books could be read on the Mac now thanks to Mavericks. That was not surprising as the Apple team rolled out a ton of updated hardware and software including new iPads, refreshed MacBook Pros and another preview of the rather awesome Mac Pro (one thinks one could run a small large country with that desktop).

iBooks Author still has a long way to go, however, and Apple’s reluctance to talk about the program or have its representatives talk about the program does leave one wondering about its future. Nonetheless, it is good to see that the program has not been completely abandoned just yet.

(In fact, I’m sure if an Apple representative would ever return my many calls and emails about the program, they might say that an eBook that was obviously made with iBooks Author is featured in the promotional site for Mavericks.)

  • Raphael Freeman 4 years ago

    this update along with Mavericks has broken font embedding of fonts outside the iBooks ecosphere. Not cool!