October 21, 2013 Last Updated 2:27 pm

Playboy launches NOOK edition

Legacy men’s title struggles to get accepted by the new newsstand powerbrokers

When the Apple App Store first opened up for iPad apps back in 2010 it was pretty clear that Playboy saw the tablet as a great new home for its magazine. It was also clear that Steve Jobs was having none of it. As a result, no Playboy digital magazine app was approved, at least none that actually resembled the print magazine. A little over a year later Playboy launched a web app that brought all the old issues to the iPad via the browser.

The only app from Playboy (official app) you will find in the Apple App Store is Playboy for iPhone which is about as popular as the latest hangman app.

Playboy-NOOK-lgBut a few weeks ago Playboy launched a NOOK edition and has been very happy to tell its readers all about it. The digital edition doesn’t offer a preview, no surprise, and so it is difficult to judge whether this is a replica edition of the print magazine, which one assumes it is.

I contacted the Playboy press department for more information on the new NOOK edition, but never heard back (reaching media companies can be even harder than reaching tech companies). I also wanted to know about any plans to update the iPhone app since users have universally panned it due to bugs.

Playboy has not made it easy on the digital newsstands. Those who remember the old magazine also remember the great interviews and features. Playboy needs a great editor, a great muckraker (Matt Taibbi would be perfect) and probably an end to its photo spreads, in order for it to get a second look from the major digital newsstand companies. Until then, B&N and Zinio are the two digital newsstand that will allow the title into their system.

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