October 17, 2013 Last Updated 2:27 pm

The Hockey News updates its interactive tablet edition, optimized for iOS 7

The publisher, Transcontinental also has tablet editions inside the Apple Newsstand for Canadian Living, Elle Canada, Style at Home and others.

It may be hard to believe, unless you live in Canada or the Dakotas, but it is hockey season already. In fact, the season is two weeks old. My team, the Sharks, are undefeated (I know, wait until the playoffs).

HockeyNews-iPad-lgToday Trancontinental Inc. has updated its iPad app for The Hockey News, now optimized for iOS7 the app description proclaims.

The interactive magazine is built using the Adobe DPS (or I assume this is what they using) and is a natively designed tablet magazine. In fact, this isn’t even a hybrid, as there are no ads in the digital edition.

The price to read The Hockey News in digital form is a bit stiff, $3.99 per issue or $39.99 for an annual subscription, but I assume diehard hockey fans won’t mind – and with physical newsstands disappearing, this might be the only way some readers can find their favorite sports magazine.

Reader reviews for the app area generally positive. But this is one of those rare tablet magazine were a few readers have complained that the app is not a replica. It is an odd complaint because the layouts are not overly complicated, simply reformatted to fit the iPad display better.

  • Ls Csonge 4 years ago

    Nice and simple, would have liked a bit more video and interaction,especially some of those nice “physical tussles” 😉