October 15, 2013 Last Updated 2:45 pm

Apple sends out invites for iPad event October 22

Another Apple event I’m not invited to. Just as well, kind of short notice to get a flight anyways, right?

Appleinvite-ipad-lgWell, at least that is what I tell myself. Another party I’m not invited to (they don’t serve wine, so I wouldn’t go anyways.)

Right on schedule Apple has sent out invites to the tech media world for the October 22 event that everyone assumes will unveil new iPad models. Also on the agenda will likely be the launch of Mac OS X Mavericks, and possibly other related items.

Most reports have the larger iPad getting a new body, slightly smaller with a reduced bezel. The iPad mini is expected to get a new retina display. Of course, the overall specs should be upgraded, as well.

With the launch of the newest version of the Mac operating system will be iBooks for Mac. That should, one would hope, mean an update for iBooks Author, too. It received a refresh at the last iPad event a year ago. But rumors are pretty sparse about getting iBooks Author to create books for the iPhone. That means the best solution is still Kindle, something that I find odd for Apple to live with.