October 14, 2013 Last Updated 5:17 pm

International New York Times site goes live, U.S. fiscal crisis and Moscow sweep stories leads

It is sad to say goodbye to the ol’ International Herald Tribune, but the reality is that that paper and its apps were pretty much a reflection of the content of the NYT.

Today the International New York Times debuted – out in the open air thanks to a single-sponsor Citi.

IHT-web-lg“This is the last time you will be reading The International Herald Tribune; as of tomorrow, it is The International New York Times,” Serge Schmemann wrote earlier today. “But weep not: This is not the first name change for what was popularly known in its early years as the “Paris Herald,” and if the genealogy of a newspaper is reflected in its name (the original parent, The New York Herald, at one point the most profitable and popular paper in all the United States, ended its days as The New York World Journal Tribune), the DNA of a great paper is defined by evolution of the complex and intimate interplay of reader and editor, owner and technology.”

The paper then did a nostalgic look back at some of the big stories covered by The New York Herald and its follow-up titles.

Roger Cohen, too, penned a column on the end of the IHT and the start of the INYT. Cohen begins by writing “Now that the paper is gone it seems forgivable to indulge a fantasy or two and be romantic about it, at least for a moment.” But he ends his column by saying that “This is no time to be nostalgic or sentimental. The world has a desperate need for high-quality journalism and in-depth international coverage, however it is delivered. No brand name is more synonymous across the globe with the commitment to such quality than The New York Times. This lover of the Trib loves The Times even more.”

Although the move feels like more consolidation, the NYT put a positive spin on the rebranding in its late afternoon launch story:

“Over the past year, we have built one news-gathering operation by combining the journalistic strengths and the newsrooms of The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune (IHT), with continuous news desks and a 24/7 global news flow from Hong Kong, Paris, London and New York. Our commitment to providing quality global journalism is steadfast. We have more international correspondents reporting from more locations than ever before<" publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. wrote. "With today’s action, we are creating a single, unified global media brand, which will allow us to expand our digital hubs, grow our editorial team, add more international voices in news and opinion, and increase the coverage provided by some of our best writers from around the globe."