October 14, 2013 Last Updated 7:12 am

Better Press updates line-up of Newsstand apps as developers continue issuing iOS 7 fixes

TRVL, Forbes, Outside among the Newsstand apps updated this weekend

Just when you thought just about every publication within the Newsstand had made its adjustments for the release of iOS 7 a new rush of updates are released. It has been not quite three weeks since Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system and developers are continuing to issue updates – and in a couple weeks will come the new Mac OS.

Reports are that iOS 7, along with the new A7 processor are resulting in more app crashes, though the numbers are still pretty low (around 2 percent). And while some apps have been updated to make their look a little more compatible with iOS 7’s new color scheme, Newsstand app use the latest cover for their app icon so no such adjustment really makes sense for newspapers and magazines.

seo_cw_productThe latest batch of updates include the travel magazine Travel + Leisure from American Express Publishing (now owned by Time Inc.), United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine from Ink, and TRVL which needed to fix a video crash bug.

Popular titles such as Maclean’s from Rogers Publishing, and Outside+ Magazine from Mariah Media Network, as well as Forbes Magazine were also updated.

It appears that all the titles using the platform from Better Press were also updated for iOS 7 – these would include the titles that appear under the developer’s account name such as Veritas Arcana from Sweden, and those like Downbeat Magazine which appear under the publisher’s account name.

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