October 11, 2013 Last Updated 7:15 am

NYT updates iPad and iPhone apps in preparation for launch of International Edition

“It’s a romantic brand, and you don’t give up on a great brand like the IHT without a profound reason.” – IHT publisher Stephen Dunbar-Johnson

The New York Times today updated its iPhone and iPad apps in preparation for the launch of the new International Edition, scheduled for October 15. The update, version 3.0.1 for the iPad, and 4.0.2 for the iPhone, follows earlier app updates that dealt with iOS 7 compliance and various bug fixes.
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The NYT Co. will be rebranding the International Herald Tribune as the International New York Times, ending a long run for the Paris-based paper as the IHT.

The IHT iPad app, which was of an identical design to the NYT’s iPad app, has been pulled from the US App Store. The app still functions for those with it still on their tablets, but at opening the app gives readers a message:

“Important reminder: In less than a week, this IHT app will be phased out,” the message reads.

“Starting October, you will continue to find our insightful reporting, unexpected stories and compelling global conversation in the new international edition with The New York Times app and online at INYT.com”

Readers are then directed to subscribe to the NYT’s apps. There is currently a replica edition app for the IHT which presumably will be pulled soon, or replaced.

IHT-Seberg-Belmondo“There’s a lot of nostalgia around the brand,” IHT publisher Stephen Dunbar-Johnson told AdAge in August. “It’s a romantic brand, and you don’t give up on a great brand like the IHT without a profound reason. In one word, the reason is digital.”

The IHT was founded as the Paris Herald in 1887 as the European edition of the old New York Herald. Once the NY Herald was sold to the New York Tribune the result was the New York Herald Tribune and the Paris Herald Tribune.

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