October 10, 2013 Last Updated 9:59 am

Condé Nast and other publishers still issuing updated Newsstand apps due to iOS 7 (and bugs)

From WIRED Magazine and The New Yorker, to Pizza Today and Digital Marketer, publishers and developers continue to work out the bugs of their Newsstand app following the introduction of iOS 7

An extremely large batch of Newsstand app updates awaited readers this morning as publishers and developers continue to wrestle with changes brought about by the introduction of iOS 7 by Apple.

MagUpdates-iPad-lgCondé Nast, for instance, issued updates for The New Yorker, WIRED Magazine, Teen Vogue, W Magazine, Golf Digest, Glamour, Allure Magazine, Details Magazine and Self Magazine today.

Each app description simply states that the update involves bug fixes and improvements, but these were the first updates for each of these titles since the introduction of iOS 7 so one would guess there was more to it than that.

Game Informer also updated its iPad Newsstand app today, but it had previously tried to issue an iOS 7 update far in advance of the Apple mobile OS’s launch, on August 9. This update works out the bugs.

The New Republic for iPad today issued its first update following the release of iOS 7, but its app description does not mention the new OS: “Now it’s possible to preview articles for free. Upgrades to social sharing are also included in this update.”

B2B publisher Macfadden had previously updated its app for Pizza Today on September 18, but today’s update involves the addition of an iPhone version. Macfadden is using the Mag+ platform to build its native tablet editions. One can probably expect its other trade journals inside the Newsstand, Beverage World and Grocery Headquarters, to be made universal eventually, as well.

Other magazine apps seen in the GIF above include Filmmaker Magazine, which lists iOS 7 the reason for its update, SilverKris Magazine, which also mentions iOS 7, and the Italian fantasy art magazine ImagineFX Italia, which simply says the update is critical if readers want to continue to be able to access issues.

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