SHIFT gets some love from Apple inside the Newsstand – but, in general, Apple mostly promotes major publishers

The newly rebranded iPad magazine from The Next Web, SHIFT by TNW, has received the number one spot under Science & Technology. The new tablet magazine was launched last week at TNW’s NYC conference and represents the first magazine produced using the PRSS platform – the platform developed by the publishing team behind the TRVL digital magazine. (See TNM’s reporter here.)

Newsstand-Tech-Screen-Shot-lgThe promotional help by Apple is no surprise, Apple heavily promoted TNW’s old tablet magazine inside the Newsstand.

In general, Apple continues to promote the same times week after week on the front of the Newsstand, preferring to only highlight the tablet magazines from major publishers, even if those apps are only replica editions. Only in the technology category are any titles from start-up companies represented, and even there the titles are all familiar.

Flawless-screen480x480In fashion category, for instance, where a large number of interesting titles have been launched by entrepreneurial publishers, the magazines represented are from Hearst, Condé Nast, and Time Inc. only. Not surprisingly, the top charts reflect the same titles.

Inside the categories, however, the situation is a little better. In Fashion, for instance, quite a number of new titles from smaller publishers are being promoted. It is only upfront that it is difficult for new publishers to break through.

One of the newer releases is Flawless Magazine, released last week, and using the PressPad platform to create their Newsstand app.

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